• Alpha Zeta Scholarship Program

    We realize that a college education is expensive and do not wish for money to keep any qualified man from joining Alpha Gamma Rho.  For this reason, the Alpha Zeta Scholarsip Program exists to ease the financial burden of college to highly qualified young men.


    Thanks to generous donations from Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Corporation, the Alpha Zeta Chapter is able to offer scholarships ranging from $500-1,000 to new members who will be joining AGR.  Completing the Prospective Member Information Form will give us the information needed to see if you qualify for a scholarship.  This form in no way commits you to living in the house for the next year; however, payment of the scholarship is dependent on your initiation.


    Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, agricultural involvement and high school leadership. Scholarships may be designated for certain career paths, such as students wishing to study veterinary medicine.


    Scholarships will also be available to members while living in the house.  Alpha Zeta Alumni award brothers they find most deserving with scholarships at the annual formal, Pink Rose. National scholarships are also available through the Alpha Gamma Rho home office.